From generic programmes which enhance one’s appreciation of the Chinese culture and language to customized courses which provide in-depth exploration in specialized areas such as law and politics, we develop and design the courses in close consultation with experts in the subject matter.

Participants in our courses will enjoy a learning experience which is both unique and useful.

China Ready Programme

Adult Conversational Chinese Course

Insights into China

Comments From Our Participants

“The scheduling was rather intense given work commitments…. I almost wanted to skip class on some days. But it was one of the things that you were glad you went for it after the event. I would strongly recommend this programme to lawyers working with Chinese parties.”

Loh Kia Meng
Chief Operating Officer & Senior Partner,
Dentons Rodyk & Davidson LLP

“The China Ready Programme was very engaging and useful in giving me an insight into the Chinese legal system, laws and cultural background. The course was well-organised and the trainers were knowledgeable and communicated the material in a way that was accessible and easy to understand. I would highly recommend this programme for anyone interested in the Chinese legal market.”

Doreen Chia
Rajah & Tann Asia

“… … …With the growing influence of the Chinese market, any in-house counsel like me would also have to learn on how to interact with the Chinese and how to appreciate the Chinese way of doing business. 

The main difference between this programme and other traditional legal training is that ….a lot of practicalities are injected in the programme … I am pleased to validate this course as one that is not only suitable for all practicing lawyers but also for any lawyers who are interested in China…and the Chinese Legal System.” 

Teo Kar Hian  
Business Unit Counsel Chemtech and Expert Counsel T&C APAC,
Sulzer Singapore Pte Ltd

“… …The Ministry of Law, Singapore and SPH Media have ultimately created an intense and colourful programme - made better by a wonderful group of coursemates who could ask the difficult questions I wanted to ask but didn't know how to….We analysed hundreds of Chinese contracts from M&As to tenancies to agreements to mediate. And, we also learnt how there's a power-distance etiquette to exchanging Wechat contact info.”

Aloysius Goh
Founder and Chief Executive Officer,
Sage Mediation Pte Ltd

“The trainer was very prepared and engaging. The use of actual documents to show use of specific technical phrases and terminology was very helpful. Its good to know what to say when describting a legal concept to Chinese Clients” 

Joey Chng
Wong Partnership LLP

“The programme provides a good overview of the Chinese legal system and law. I am now more aware of the legal and cultural background when discussing with my Chinese counterparts.”

Foong Yuen Ping
Allen & Gledhill LLP

“Good presentation and engagement. I have gained knowledge about Singapore-China bilateral relationship, Chinese civil code, Chinese contract law, administrative acts etc. The overview on data protection laws was also useful in advising clients on what to look out for when investing in China.” 

Tan Tian Hui
Senior Associate,
Rajah & Tann LLP

“Trainers are knowledgeable. I have also gained a greater understanding of the evolution of the Sino-Singapore relationship which will help in having greater sensitivity when communicating with Chinese clients.”

Tao Tao
Rajah & Tann LLP