About Business China

Launched in November 2007 by Founding Patron and Singapore’s Founding Prime Minister, Mr Lee Kuan Yew, Business China aims to nurture a core pool of Singaporean bilingual and bicultural talents, and enterprises who can engage deeply in economic opportunities with China. Our work helps to foster mutual understanding, trust and cooperation between Singapore and China, and deepen Singapore’s role in bridging the world and China.

About Business China Youth Knowledge Programme

The Business China Youth Knowledge Programme (BCYK), is a brand-new Singapore-China knowledge programme curated by Business China in 2024. It is targeted at JC students who are exempted from taking H1 Chinese in JC*.

The programme consists of different modules which will include (i) knowledge on Singapore and China in various aspects, (ii) corporate visits to renowned companies, as well as (iii) language and cultural exposure.

You can expect interesting content, fun activities, and experiential learning as you deepen your understanding of the historical, cultural, political, social, and economic aspects of Singapore and China, while enhancing your Chinese language abilities.

Programme Objectives:

  • Cultivate and heighten interest in the Chinese language, culture, and history, as well as Singapore-China affairs amongst JC youths.
  • Nurture a more diverse group of bilingual and bicultural youths familiar with China.

    For more information on BCYK, please refer to the Brochure.
    Eligible Students are welcome to sign up for here.
    Vacancies are available on a first-come-first-served basis.

    * Refer to the Registration Form for details on the criteria for enrolment.



      关于乐知新中 • 多用华文高中课程

      【乐知新中 • 多用华文】是通商中国于2024年推出的一个全新课程,目标受众群为本地豁免修读H1华文的高中生*。



      • 提高目标青年群体对华文华语及华族文化历史的兴趣
      • 增加各个领域中熟悉古今中国的“双语双文化”青年

      符合条件并对课程感兴趣的同学,可以通过 此链接报名。名额有限,先到先得!

      * 具体招生条件请参照报名表格。